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The original "Credit Doctor" of 18 years, Laura Calemine and long time financial management specialist Brandy Hughes, have finally teamed up. Together they formed Executive Credit Services, Inc.

Ms. Calemine has assisted literally thousands of people with cleaning up their credit. This has enabled them to get financing to purchase real estate, automobiles, trucks, boats and motor homes, et al. With their credit restored, they went on to apply for and receive credit cards from any issuer of their choosing. Ms. Calemine's knowledge and skills are extremely effective and she continues to train our entire staff on an ongoing basis. People come to Executive Credit Services when they are finally fed up with their debts and poor credit rating. Sometimes they come after the frustration and expense of dealing with other "so called" credit repair companies claiming they could help but do little or nothing of a substantial nature.

Mrs. Hughes has spent 12 years assisting clients with start-up businesses, financial management, creative financing and guiding clients from an idea to a personal financial profile which some would call just short of a miracle. Whether you are a multi-million dollar income earner or an everyday 9-5 employee, Executive Credit Services has the knowledge and capacity to put you back on top. No matter what your credit report looks like, we urge you to contact us for a free consultation on how we will raise your score, WE GUARANTEE IT!

Executive Credit Services, Inc., is a fully licensed and bonded
(C.S.O.) Credit Services Organization.

Corporate Philosophy

    We pride ourselves in understanding each client's situation so we can tailor each plan of action according to their needs.  Since this company was founded, we thought that integrity, commitment, and our client's trust were the keys to our success.  Today we believe in those values even more.  By providing professional services and dedication to the clients to which we serve, our company has been on the rails of success steadily progressing in size and clientele base.  With a surge of credit repair companies out there we know the concerns our clients may have when choosing the right one.  Executive Credit Services, Inc. is equipped with the experience and expertise to adequately lead you to financial success. 




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