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May 7, 2007

Dear Laura,

I wanted to send a quick letter thanking you for all of your help and support in repairing my credit. My story may or may not be different than most, but during an unfortunate divorce, I discovered that my soon to be x-wife who had full access to our financials had opened new accounts with out my knowledge and failed to make payments on time, which ultimately blemished my personal credit. To discover this while already being in bad times due to the divorce was devastating, as I had always paid close attention to my credit, which was very important to me. With that being said, I discovered Executive Credit Services and they came to the rescue, fixed my credit in a short time and life is good!

Best Regards,

Keith O., Simi Valley, CA


August 27, 2000
    In 1999 I applied for a mortgage to purchase  home. During this process I discovered that I had problems with my credit rating. I found that two large chain department store had reported that I had long outstanding unpaid balances. One store I never had an account with and the other they never credited my account with a return. I tried for two months to clear my credit but it was impossible.
    Thankfully I was referred to you. I explained to you that I could not proceed with my house purchase until me credit was cleared. I sent you
all my files and you immediately went to work. You kept me updated each time you received any communications. Within a month you completely
cleared my credit from any derogatory information. I highly recommend Laura.

Thank you,
Anthony C., New York


March 1, 2003

Executive Credit Services, Inc., 
    When the time came around to buy a new car, to my shock, I found out my credit was horrible.  Accounts that weren't mine, as well as late payments that have never happed were showing up as derogatory marks on my credit report and bring down my scores.  I had no idea what to do until I was referred to you by a family member. I called you and placed all my trust in your hands.  Right away you were friendly and helpful, telling me my rights and that you would do everything in your power to help me. 
    Thank goodness because within weeks I was getting new reports in the mail showing the corrections you had already made.  I was on my way to having the good credit I earned and deserved.  In the end, you raised my score tremendously by correcting all mistakes and made it possible to get the car of my dreams. 
    I now understand the importance of keeping a close eye on your credit and that when something does go wrong it can be fixed. 
With Sincere Thanks,

W. P.; West Hills, CA


Febuary 12, 2006

Tori and the team at ECSI,

Well, let me start by saying, now that I’m pretty much done unpacking, I absolutely love our new house. As you know, when I first contacted you my credit score was not horrific, but the few derogatory items on it, definitely was affecting my ability to get what I considered a reasonable rate on our loan. While I know you are still working on my scores, what you did the first month helped me get a rate of 6.25%, instead of just one month earlier with the same mortgage broker (who is actually a friend) a rate of 7%. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was referred to you, and am definitely going to refer anyone who has my situation to you for help. I look forward to seeing my credit score next month. Talk to you soon

Lauri L., Studio city, CA


December 5, 2006


You helped me and my wife 7 years ago clean up our credit successfully. As you know, I know found myself in a similar predicament after being laid off in June, and having a bit of difficulty getting a new job. Well my finances have improved, however my credit had once again been damaged. You and your company have once again “cleaned me up” and I appreciate it. I noticed your testimonials are on your website and figured, what the heck, for all you guys have done for me, this is the least I could do. I hope I don’t need your services again, but rest assured if I do, you will be hearing from me.

Thank you ECSI,

Bert M., Santa Barbara, CA


April 14, 2007

Dear Brandy,

I must admit I was skeptical at what you claimed you could do for me with regards to my daughters credit. Boy, was I wrong, you are your company are amazing. I just wanted my daughter to start out in the “real world” with a chance, and not poor credit and credibility. Thanks for all you’ve done. 

Cathy G., Monrovia, CA


February 8, 2006

Dear Laura,

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I seriously had no Idea I would ever be able to say “I have good credit. After my divorce, my ex-wife (and I'm being kind) ruined me financially. Through the court system, I have finally have gotten some relief from the extreme financial drain of support I was ordered to pay. Anyhow, never mind that, I just wanted you to know how much your services have helped restore my financial life. I just closed escrow on a 9 unit apartment building (in my name only ha.ha.) to add to the little I have left after divorce. My interest rate is very low, and the terms are perfect for what I can afford. If I ever get a chance to come to L.A., I would love to take you to lunch, and give you a BIG hug. 

Thank you,

P.S. please thank whomever else in your office assisted you. And I hope you guys like the basket of goodies I sent along.

Peter B., Columbia, SC


June 22, 2007


Just wanted to say a quick “thanks” for all your hard work. I tried to repair my own credit last year and was nowhere near as successful as you. Mike, Laura, Vince, all of you were so helpful and I would recommend your services to anyone in need of credit repair. I’m sure BMW Financial Services, likes you too, because I just leased a new car which they rejected me for last year.

Thanks again,

Howard S., Las Vegas, NV 


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